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  • Automated Newspaper Generation
  • Call Number Maintenance
  • Cross media contract publication for BMW
  • Currency Trading Mashup
  • Custom Content Management System for a Swiss Private Bank
  • Design Patterns
  • eBanking System for Swiss Private Banks
  • Error-Handling Subsystem
  • Hewlett Packard Financial Accounting - Code Migration
  • Pascal to C Converter
  • Sales Target Reconciliation Software For Field Agents
  • Software Engineering Workstation
  • Travel Reservation System
Hewlett Packard Financial Accounting - Code Migration   
Hewlett Packard Financial Accounting
The Hewlett Packard Financial Accounting (HPFA) package contained 1.5 Million+ lines of SPL code.

As part of the Spectrum Migration, Hewlett Packard discontinued native support for its proprietary SPL language.

A recursive descent converter (written in Pascal 3000) was used to automatically convert the SPL code to Pascal 3000.

Success in this project was driven by excellent practices (Management By Wandering Around) and the excellent software engineering environment.

At the HP, APO Research & Development facility.