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  • Automated Newspaper Generation
  • Call Number Maintenance
  • Cross media contract publication for BMW
  • Currency Trading Mashup
  • Custom Content Management System for a Swiss Private Bank
  • Design Patterns
  • eBanking System for Swiss Private Banks
  • Error-Handling Subsystem
  • Hewlett Packard Financial Accounting - Code Migration
  • Pascal to C Converter
  • Sales Target Reconciliation Software For Field Agents
  • Software Engineering Workstation
  • Travel Reservation System
Travel Reservation System   
Chief Architect of a proprietary symmetrical communications and transaction framework integrating multiple heterogeneous back-ends for a network of 30,000+ travel agencies processing 400 Million bookings a year.

The paper "Coordinator" presented at Europlop 98 was a spin-off from this project (see Publications).