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  • Call Number Maintenance
  • Cross media contract publication for BMW
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  • Custom Content Management System for a Swiss Private Bank
  • Design Patterns
  • eBanking System for Swiss Private Banks
  • Error-Handling Subsystem
  • Hewlett Packard Financial Accounting - Code Migration
  • Pascal to C Converter
  • Sales Target Reconciliation Software For Field Agents
  • Software Engineering Workstation
  • Travel Reservation System
Cross media contract publication for BMW   
Written before the term "cross media publication" became widely known and before the ubiquity of corporate intranets, this gateway published contracts across a wide variety of communication channels (FTP, Fax, NWP, VHV, ISDN B-Channels etc.) on a daily basis from BMW to its worldwide dealer network.

A regression testing framework was used to speed development and quickly catch the unforeseen consequences of any changes.