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It has been said that,“trade is largely driven by experienced guesswork and simple rules,when not driven by confusion,error,and nonsense,supplemented by (as one financial journalist puts it) ’testosterone and cocaine’“
Published in the proceedings of the XP2001 Conference, Sardinia, this paper was an attempt to frame the continued emergence of software methods in history, and to frame Extreme Programming itself as a constant negotiation between rival claims and interests.

It suggested that Extreme Programming would have a better chance of success if it continued in a kind of field of disagreement alive to the changing landscapes of software development rather than, like its forebears, becoming a pattern we cannot rely on.

It was quite an experience then, to present this paper alongside papers which suggested, for example, that the success of Extreme Programming could be verified or that Extreme Programming was Lean.

* “Mass hysteria and the delusion of crowds . . . a little primitive technology and a big dose of the will to believe“ - Angela Carter, Nights at the Circus